The school made its humble beginning in the year 2051 BS (1994 AD) from the rented premises in the present-day Sundarharaincha Municipality (then, Dulari Village Development Committee). Over the years, it has gradually amassed the expertise, amenities and other essentialities needed to construct a well-appointed and result-oriented school. Now, it boasts of a five-storeyed state-of- the- art school building, 10 katthas of own land, an excellent reservoir of the ablest manpower in the region, hundreds of decent students, and the aptly selected amenities conducive to the best teaching/learning practices.  


The overall aim of the school is to impart holistic education, discipline and decency to develop a child’s innate talents and potentialities and enable him/her to carve his/her own niche in this highly competitive world. Students here will ‘learn to lead’ in various spheres of affairs.


  1. To facilitate learning with best techniques and methodologies.
  2. To inculcate in children the virtues like discipline, decorum, altruism and patriotism.   
  3. To offer children the platform to develop their innate talents through various sorts of co/extra-curricular activities.
  4. To help children develop leadership, camaraderie, and the feeling of co-operation.
  5.  To encourage children to involve themselves in community services.

School Campus:

The school campus of the junior wing is located at Bansbari, Sundarharaincha – 4, Morang, Nepal, in the distance of just 150 meters south from the Mahendra Highway. Despite its proximity to the highway, it boasts of serene and peaceful atmosphere. The fairly spacious ground with long, narrow strip of green belt around it suits pupils playing various sports down to the ground.

The school campus of the senior wing is located about 600 meters south from that of the junior wing. 

Classes the School Runs:

Currently, the school runs the classes from Playgroup to Grade 12. However, the school management is upbeat about introducing higher levels of academic courses in the near future.