Message from the School Desk

                Education is undoubtedly the greatest gift that parents can render to their children. Moreover, education perceived today must pave the way for future course of life. In this connection, it is very necessary for the parents to make a pertinent decision while choosing the right school for their children.

The school the parents choose should offer not only academic knowledge but also myriad of dreams, which with strenuous efforts and apt training can certainly be attained. Aware of this undeniable truth, Tender Feet Boarding School, with a reservoir of the ablest manpower in the region and well-appointed classrooms, has always placed a great emphasis on addressing hopes and aspirations of the parents and on fostering creative potential of their children. We, the Tender Feet family, are always committed to creating platform that helps to translate their vision into reality; we are committed to fortifying the tender mind of the young children, equipping them with the best possible education, decency and discipline.

Keeping in mind that the children spend significant period of their time at their homes, we would like to urge the parents/guardians to collaborate with us on our aim of propelling students to the positions from where they can contribute to their society, their country, and the whole world.

Let’s work together.

Let’s build our future together.

You are all welcome!